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St Paul Coptic Orthodox Church

Our Church is:

Part of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne and the affiliated regions

Diocese of Melbourne

Coptic Orthodox Church History

The word Coptic usually refers to the Christians of Egypt. The Orthodox Coptic Church was built on the faith of the first apostles as received from Jesus Christ himself about 2000 years ago.
The Coptic Church faced harsh persecution during its early life and thousands of faithful Christians were martyred, simply because they did not want to renounce their faith.
However, the word of God continued to grow and spread all over the world

Our Church in Bendigo

In June 2010, a group of faithful people purchased the church which was an Anglican church originally.
A few months later, His Grace Bishop Suriel blessed the church and served the Holy Mass with the church's congregation.
Fr Moses has been serving at our church since the early days of its opening.